Friday, May 22, 2020

CDA Meeting Minutes for 5-22-2020

Attendance: T.M. Weissenberger, Patti Bahr, Mike Hoenig, Janalyn Moss, Elizabeth Wallace, Jen Knights, Mike Meginnis, Brad Ferrier, David Rooney.


  1. Brad shared that Cueponi Cihuatl Espinoza Madrigal had requested funding for the disability graduation reception. $100 was provided. This was arranged in coordination with Alex Brannaman and Steven Edwards.
  2. Mike Hoenig shared that he and Brad had done an accessibility review for an exhibit at the museum.
    1. This led to a broader discussion of accessibility and museum design.
  3. Patti shared that she has been doing curriculum development with folks on the East coast using the “Teams” platform. This platform has automatic closed captioning. There was a discussion of some challenges in using Teams. ITS is still getting used to the platform.
  4. Mike Meginnis discussed his use of the YouTube closed captioning features.
    1. Mike will share out a brief summary description of his workflows for YouTube.
  5. T.M. shared that he has been consulting with Office of Strategic Communications, in collaboration with Mike Hoenig.
    1. T.M. reports observing increased interest in accessibility issues. Mike observed increased buy-in from various stakeholders as well.
  6. Mike Hoenig shared that he has been collaborating with others in working on concerns relating to UIHC and COVID-19 regarding accessibility and equity.
    1. This lead to a broader discussion of the way that current events can lead to new opportunities for thinking about and enhancing accessibility on campus.
  7. CDA elections:
    1. The CDA bylaws require that members must attend two meetings to become voting members, and that only voting members may be formally elected to positions in CDA.
    2. Jen Knights and Brad Ferrier were nominated to continue in their respective current positions as PR coordinator and treasurer.
      1. Jen Knights and Brad Ferrier were elected to continue in these roles.
    3. Patti Bahr nominated herself and Mike Hoenig to serve as co-chairs. Mike Hoenig suggested that Patti serve in this role, and that T.M. continue in his current role as co-chair.
      1. Patti Bahr and T.M. Weissenberger were elected to serve as co-chairs.
    4. Mike Meginnis self-nominated for secretary.
      1. Mike was elected to this position.
    5. Website management will be a joint responsibility of the CDA officers.
  8. There was a discussion of good uses for the remainder of the CDA budget.
    1. Possibly could be used to fund captioning services for others in the university.
    2. Could be used to help Orientation Services as well—T.M. will follow up with them.