Friday, June 26, 2020

CDA Meeting Notes for 6-26-2020

Attendance: Patti Bahr, Kirk Corey, Brad Ferrier, Jen Knights, Bria Marcelo, Mike Meginnis, David Rooney, Elizabeth Wallace, T.M. Weissenberger.

  1. Personal updates:
    1. Elizabeth shared that the Stanley Museum of Art has posted fully captioned video programming in response to the Black Lives Matter movement on YouTube.
      1. was used for captioning.
      2. The URL is
    2. Brad discussed the use of Rev for closed captioning services—they currently have a promotional offer for their services.
      1. This led to a general discussion of potential development services.
    3. T.M. discussed his involvement with the rebuilding of the UI website, including ensuring accessibility of the revised branding.
    4. Patti shared that she was approached by Pearson about contributing to a celebratory blog post regarding the passage of ADA.
    5. Patti also shared that Derrick Willis of UCEDD has been hosting courageous conversations about Black Lives Matter.
    6. T.M. shared that Carly Armour has been awarded a scholarship, with T.M.’s recommendation. Patti shared that Mary Ball has also received an award.
  2. Bria Marcelo and the committee discussed how the CDA and other councils could get more involved in the accessibility action plan.
    1. The current accessibility action plan was reviewed and discussed.
    2. Jen Knights raised the issue of faculty noninvolvement in discussions of accessibility and DEI.
      1. Bria discussed efforts to engage faculty in these discussions, including training sessions designed specifically to engage faculty.
    3. Patti requested information regarding how other councils are structured, for example with regard to support groups.
      1. Bria raised the example of the Healing Spaces efforts for Black and African American people, but noted that this is not specifically connected with the UI African American Council. She also raised examples of meetings held to discuss current issues by the Pan-Asian Council, etc.
  3. Mike reviewed the minutes section of the website.
    1. T.M. discussed how the minutes section relates to the broader effort to redesign the page and populate it with content.
  4. T.M. proposed the creation of a task force to try out assistive technologies, perhaps beginning with a Rev trial period.
    1. Folks agreed that this was a good idea and they planned to participate.
  5. Jen shared that Wild Bill’s Coffee Shop will not be reopening for the fall semester due to safety concerns.