Friday, August 28, 2020

CDA Meeting Notes for 7-24-2020

Attendance: Patti Bahr, Kirk Corey, Brad Ferrier, Mike Meginnis, Elizabeth Wallace, Julia Ganda, David Rooney

  1. DEI style guide:
    1. Elizabeth gave some context on the development of the UI DEI style guide.
      1. The style guide is part of a brand effort, and it will be added to software called “Site Improve” that will comb the UI website for issues with language. This is part of a general effort toward standardizing language.
      2. Elizabeth solicited feedback regarding the style guide. The deadline for feedback is August 7.
      3. There was a discussion of the guide’s approach to language for describing people with disabilities.
        1. Elizabeth will follow up to clarify that there is some disagreement about the best approach among advocates, though there was general agreement that the style guide’s advice was reasonable and probably doesn’t need to change.
        2. There was also discussion regarding the best definition of “accessible.”
        3. There was also discussion regarding including information about visual accessibility of documents in the branding guide materials.
  2. COVID-19 update:
    1. David shared information regarding the campus update on learning arrangements. He clarified that while SDS is serving an administrative role with regard to temporary alternative learning arrangements, it is not a function connected to ADA, and these are not ADA accommodations.
    2. There was some discussion of the concept of COVID-19 as a disability.
  3. DEI Councils open letter discussion:
    1. There was discussion of the history surrounding the letter, DEI efforts, and disability as it connects to the Division of DEI.