Friday, May 28, 2021

Attending: Megan Meyer, Brad Ferrier, Patti Bahr, Dave Rooney,  Kirk Corey, TM Weissenberger, Elizabeth Wallace, Bri Swope, Erin Stresow (diversity resources), Bailey Anderson


TM Weissenberger – GAD 160 participants in the sessions

  • Maybe some monthly presentations
  • BUILD workshop: Inclusive Technology as an IT Service

Erin Stresow – plans to help with accessibility

Megan Meyer – basketball league in IC, daughter really likes PE now after Courage League

Bri Swope – Courage League Des Moines all ages, Iowa City kids

  • June 10 and the next 4 week – 4:45-6:45
  • At Green State Family Fieldhouse

Patti Bahr – Angie at South District to help with INSTI

CDA Leadership and Elections

Co-Chair: Elizabeth and David are willing to step up (Vote to have David this year, and Elizabeth come on a co-chair next year when Patti rotates off.)

  • David would like to address the accessibility on campus
    • Bring everyone together to work on accessibility
  • Elizabeth is very busy and will do it next year

Secretary: Mike will come when he can, Bri and Megan will do a tag team to cover this

            TM notes that they can view and record the transcript from Zoom

Treasurer: Brad will continue

Public Relations: Jen will continue

Website: TM and Bailey

All elections were unanimous

Try to make a hybrid meeting for September.

TM will handle scheduling a room for us.

Ideas for using CDA funding:

Brad: $1,678 to spend ($757 was carried over from last year)

Can’t spend the money after the 15th. Alex Brannaman is the accountant.

  • (Unanimous to do the following.) Judy Heumann lecture series proposal we could give some now and then later.
    • Will have showing of Crip Camp at Film Scene too
    • October UI Lecture series
    • Reception too
    • Go to a few classes too
    • David Gould will be the moderator
    • Could we have “captioning provided by CDA”
    • CDA will get some press
  • (Voted no) Thumb drives with software loaded
  • (Voted to discuss this further if we can’t spend the money on Judy Heumann.) Accessing Higher Ground – annual conference on accessible technology – content leans toward technical accessible content (recordings from last year’s sessions)
  • (Voted to discuss this further if we can’t spend the money on Judy Heumann.) AHEAD in Austin, TX
  • Another option is giving it back to help cover the cost of something having to do with our mission – i.e. captioning at graduation

Future Funding

  • Earmarking funds to people to go to certain training
    • Make a scholarship out of it
  • Provide captioning as needed

Next meeting will be 6/8 at Noon if needed.

Minutes submitted by Patti Bahr.