Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Friday August 27, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM (CST)

  • Facilitator for September meeting – Patti
  • Secretary rotation confirmation – Megan, Bri, Mike
    • Minutes for this meeting- Bri will take notes.
  • Popcorn introductions: Patti Bahr, David Rooney, Brad Ferrier, Sarah Andrews, Bri Swope, Jen Knights, Michael Penniman, Elizabeth Wallace, Megan Meyer, Michael Venzon, TM Weissenberger, and Kirk Corey

Announcements / Updates:

  • Change of date for Regent’s Summit on Disability (RSD) – David
    • Wednesday, October 27th at Iowa State in person at Ryman Gardens. If interested in going, there are some people going in masses and could have a resource for a ride.
  • Judy Huemann Visit update – Bri
    • Conversations regarding virtual vs transition to in-person
    • Jen Knights and Bri will work with FilmScene on Crip Camp showing – possibly livestream.
  • Library Presentations /CDA involvement – Brad
    • Library Staff Development Disability & Diversity Committee – invited CDA to speak to the group via zoom about vision and work CDA focuses on. Dates open between September-May.  Brad would like at least one other committee member present with him. Patti and Sarah will check availability to help with this presentation.
  • MISSE Open houses – David
    • Multicultural & International Student Support & Engagement Open House, Aug 31 from 4-6pm
      • If you attend, are cultural centers accessible?
  • Wild Bill’s / School of Social work updates – Jen
    • Expanding focus to be broader…. Wild Bill’s is no longer a coffee shop, but is now a learning lab/gathering space for students, faculty and staff working on issues of social justice. Students in the disability space could potentially use Wild Bill’s as a cultural center. Open during academic year M-F 8-5 unless a class is scheduled to use the space.
    • Wild Bill’s cup of social justice, new podcast
    • Working on establishing a recording studio in that space
  • Other’s?


  • To Zoom or not to Zoom? – Discussion (TM?)
    • Propose 1/ Semester face-to-face meeting
    • Hybrid option
  • Addressing concerns about Persons with Disabilities (Students) on campus and COVID
  • Programming ideas
  • Accessible feature information

Next meeting: Friday, September 24th, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM (CST)