Thursday, February 24, 2022


Friday November 19, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM (CST)


Present at meeting: David Rooney, Patti Bahr, Elizabeth Wallace, Michael Hoenig, Megan Meyer, Amber Alaniz, Brad Ferrier, Jen Knights, Bailey Anderson, Kirk Corey

  • Approval of Minutes for previous meeting Bri moves to approve, Jen seconds. October minutes approved.

Guests / Intros:

V is the Project manager for JC Historic Poor Farm – initiative: on Melrose Ave
160 acres, 120 historic, 10 year master plan. Est in 1855
History, legacy, dynamic approach to revitalize and are looking at accessibility
Organized a Disability Advisory Committee (DAC)- Brad and Mike are a part of the committee to review beyond ADA standards. COVID impacted the committee and are now looking at re-organizing this committee

Looking at collaborations, partnerships as well

Ideas: Hawkeye Area Council to share information with families and engage youth- Megan Meyer will connect V
Suggestion to connect with UI Pentacrest museums, Carolina Kaufman who has been working with UI REACH to develop docent trainings for museums

Question from Patti- is there an option to grow food? Yes, could be an opportunity, A commercial kitchen it planned to be added.

Currently collaborating with veterans to create raised/multi-level beds. Wellness being designed with Backyard Abundance and Systems Unlimited.

From UI CDA: hoping to have people interested in joining committee as well as partnering for future initiatives



Announcements / Updates:

    • Crip Camp Screening and Panel Discussion
      • Well done.
      • Recorded panel link:
    • Social Work - Disability Awareness Month
      • Report from students: went well, Sujit was a great speaker via zoom. Technical difficulties so unable to record. CDA helped with funding for Sujit.

    • Regents Summit
      • Conference room reserved. A few showed from CDA, advisory board and others
      • UI may be a bigger part of the Regents Summit- a note from David to have in our minds
    • Student Diability Services move! Celebrating. Open house Friday 11/12
      • Link to media coverage:
  • Judy Huemann Visit March 28-April 1 – Bri (if anything new)
    • In the process of confirming.
    • Harkin on Wellness Symposium Event March 29 so are working on possible confirmation for Hancher Fireside Chat March 30. Bri will send more information
    • Adaptive Sport Day being planned for April 1. When more information is confirmed, Bri will email information to CDA.
  • If you want to be added to website - Jen
  • In contact with DEI initiatives
    • Bailey is working on Inclusive Guide in collaboration with DEI committee members
    • Working on creating a Pilot Inclusion guide (ie: pronouns, visual descriptions, gender neutral and accessible bathrooms on campus)
    • Accessibility and Inclusion
    • If anyone is interested in collaborating
  • Diversity and Disability Fellowship – Applications available (Patti)
  • Undergrad Research Fellowship – Asset Mapping in Spring – Applicant link (David)
  • Other’s?


  • Bri’s Ideas and updates and CDA’s involvement?
    • Disability Studies
    • Annual Symposium
    • Students sharing projects

Next meeting:

Friday, January 28, 2022, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM (CST) No meeting in December