Friday, September 16, 2022


Friday, May 27, 2022, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM (CST)


Present: Patti Bahr, David Rooney, Elizabeth Wallace, Madde Hoberg, Amber Alaniz, Gianna Marshall, Bri Swope, Emily Mozena (new member), Brad Ferrier, Abbie Steuhm (new member, president of UISDAA), Amelia DeRynck, Michael Penniman

Approval of Minutes for previous meeting: Elizabeth motioned to approve, Gianna 2nd, Minutes approved

Announcements / Updates:

  • CDA new and continuing leadership selections:
    • Co-Chair Selection 5 candidates : Amber Alaniz, Michael Penniman, Gianna Marshall, Bri Swope and Brad Ferrier on the slate.
      • Select two (2): New Co-chairs: David Rooney and Michael Penniman Amber and Gianna
    • Reconfirm (or additional member’s interest?):
      • Treasurer – Brad Ferrier David moved to approve, Elizabeth 2nd. Vote approved. Brad will continue to
      • Public Relations (new) – Elizabeth Wallace. David motions for Elizabeth, Amber 2nd. Approved.
      • Secretary(ies) – Megan Meyer, Bri Swope, Madde Hoberg (back up) David moves to keep secretaries, Patti seconds. Vote approved.
  • Treasury balance update (Brad):
    • Jen Knights and Brad Ferrier are researching an exhibit of Wild Bill’s life in the context of disability history and advocacy. Looking for someone who can help with the exhibit. Email Brad ( or Jen (j if you have contacts or connections. The exhibit will be Fall 2023 in the gallery of the Main Library.
    • Budget: Began year with $1000 from DEI  + $1678 (Judy Heumann funds): Hoping the $1678 can carry over until next year. Brad has contacted Alex Brennaman to determine if this is an option.
      • SWSA Lunch and learn speaker fee $125
        • Sujit Singh was speaker
      • UISDAA grad 135.92
      • Remaining budget: $739.08 available funds
    • Budget reconciliation zoom meeting scheduled for June 3 1-1:30 via zoom.
  • Funding proposals
    • Live Captioning costs: this is the first live captioning meeting.
      • Previous meeting total $80 Funding approved.
    • AHEAD Membership (for leadership) -Association for Higher Ed and Disabilities
      • David proposes a membership for Michael as co-chair. Approximately $100 for membership. David moves to approve AHEAD membership for Michael Penniman. Elizabeth Seconds.
    • Bri Swope proposed funding for ADA Celebration sponsorship, vendor fee.
      • $25 vendor fee for table for UI CDA and UISDAA. $50 approved for vendors
    • Iowa Summer Transportation Institute In collaboration with DOT. Students of color with or w/o disabilities to learn about. … .in person this year. Will go to IC airport, CR airport, AirCare, State Patrol- safe driving, driving simulator, IA State guests to share about civil and industrial engineering, visits to IA State and Davenport
      • 3-week day camp from 9-4
      • Patti Bahr is requesting 16 t-shirts for students, 20 if include staff
        • $450 for 24 shirts
        • Elizabeth moves to approve, Amber seconds. Discussion: conflict of interest and additional vendor research. Patti will look into Port Authority, Hollywood Graphics and Underground Printing. Vote approves.
        • Elizabeth moves to share the remaining balance for t-shirts for the Iowa Summer Transportation Institute.  Gianna 2nds. Approved. Patti abstained from voting.  Would want t-shirts by June 9.
  • ReelAbilities Film Festival idea (Bri / David update)
    • Will continue to have conversation with FilmScene to propose a regional option in Iowa City in collaboration with CDA.
  • Judy Heumann - rescheduling updates?
    • Continuing to work on dates.
  • CIAE Graduation: Any attendees? No.
  • Summer meeting schedule (off next two months) / Future formats
    • Possible in-person options in addition to zoom
  • Campus Climate Survey – 2022 – 2023

Complete Campus Climate Survey

Discussion (future meetings):

  • UI to Embark on 10-Year Facilities Master Plan – what can be our role?
  • History of Disability course – this course is no longer offered. Is this something that CDA can advocate to re-instate this course?
    •  HIST:4203:0EXW Disability in American History was offered as a 3c.h. course Summer 2021 but has not been taught since. Emily Mozena has emailed the professor as well as history department for more information.
  • Bri’s ideas and updates and CDA’s involvement?
    • Partnership with Intro to Disability Studies students for UI Community project
    • Disability advocacy group summit to network and collaborate

THANK YOU to Patti Bahr for her service as co-chair.

Next meeting: Friday, August 26, 2022, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM (CST) - TBD