Friday, November 18, 2022


Friday, October 28, 2022, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM (CST), MEETING MINUTES

Meeting attendees: David Rooney, Michael Penniman, T.M. Weissenberger, Brad Ferrier, Hallie Abelman, Gianna Marshall, Amelia DeRynck, Emily Mozena, Elizabeth Wallace, Robert Butler, Abbie Steuhm, Sarah Andrews and guest: Darrelle ‘Daryl’ Wilkinson


Approval of Minutes for previous meeting (David / Michael) Michael moves to approve minutes, Gianna Marshall seconds. Minutes approved.

Treasury Report (Brad)

Office of institutional Equity paid for Michael Penniman’s  HEAD membership so that cost will be added back to budget.

At $314.95 currently left in budget
$200 anticipated for Spring gathering
$125 marked for printing costs

Announcements / Updates:

  • Guest invitation: Darrelle ‘Daryl’ Wilkinson: Co- Chair of UI Staff Council, DEI Committee intro. Goal to reach out and collaborate with diversity councils across campus. Email sent with introduction. Pushing for more diverse representation on the Council.
    • Annual DEI event in Spring- highlights accomplishments throughout the year. 
    • Staff Council is executive committee made up of members that the elect themselves and have monthly meetings. Robert Butler is also on the UI Staff Council.
    • Staff Council could be conduit to campus and events that are happening. David requested to be a cross-campus connection- if there are campaigns, programs, etc to connect them with CDA.
  • Live Captioning decision (on-going for CDA) – universal platform
    • T.M. Weissenberger- Live Captioning generally more accurate. Also typically a steep cost
    • 2 vendors approved through university purchasing unit- and 2020 Captioning
  • Campus / off-campus events debrief:
    • Fresh Check Day – annual mental well-being day for resources, activities and booths. National movement. Open House event from 10-4 at the IMU.
    • ADA Celebration – October 15 from 10-21
      • Proposing Sept 30 2023 from 1-3
      • CDA Award given to Michael Hoenig during the event as a lifelong advocate
      • CDA by-laws allow for community representation
      • CDA activity during the event – ‘I am’ statements collected and shared via facebook page
  • UISDAA Petition
  • A-team report (T.M.) – needs or update?
    • Accessible map LEND supports?  Events? .PDF accessibility session #2 – November 1, 10:30 AM – 12 PM
    • Michael Penniman: had a group with the LEND program reach out. 2 individuals doing an accessibility at UI project. Michael meeting with them today to discuss limitations and what can do to be more accessible. Will share
    • Tuesday Nov 1 will have part 2 of accessible PDF session. 60 people attended part 1.  Sessions are independent:
      • Session1: remediating inaccessible content and trying to make existing more accessible
      • Session 2: how to create PDF content from scratch using word and indesign and ppt or whatever tools you like to use, and making sure that those pdfs are accessible
      • The sessions are recorded.
  • Public Relations – Social media campaign
    • Elizabeth Wallace: updated website with current positions.
    • Email photo if would like photo included on website
    • Social media: not in a good position to create content on a regular basis
      • Need more content to increase visibility
      • Elizabeth is proposing have CDA members and others share story to create content. Asking for help gathering information. Elizabeth will send a template to use
      • Are adding an Instagram as well.
      • T.M. will share best practices for social media and Elizabeth will share information about language recommendations from the Diversity Editorial Guide
      • Recommends reviewing Humans of New York for guidance
      • Action items: Elizabeth will send examples of templates, Bri and Elizabeth will try to find a student to help compile stories. Michael Penniman will present his story
  • HERC Event – Michael Penniman’s presentation: November  at 10am EST via zoom. The Power of Disability inclusion: A Workforce Multiplier  For more information and to register:

  • Hawks of Color (DEI, Councils and Grad College) November 11, 11:30 AM – 1 PM
    • Adam Potter speaking at this event
    • Sarah Andrews: Question about information presented for these events. Is information shared about where is this event, parking, transportation, etc. Discussion around accessibility map to include this type of information when hosting events.
  • CDA Spring Social (SMA?)  -  try setting a date?

Discussion (future meetings):

  • UI to Embark on 10-Year Facilities Master Plan – what can be our role?
  • Bri’s ideas and updates and CDA’s involvement?
  • Judy Heumann - rescheduling updates? Looking at April to re-schedule – working on securing continued sponsorship.
  • Disability Studies at UI
  • ReelAbilities Film Festival idea (Bri update) Submitted Diversity Catalyst Seed Grant and working with FilmScene – looking at potential of March

Action Items (before next meeting):

Next meeting? Propose: Friday, November 18, 2022, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM (CST) – Zoom

              November meeting 18th-  planning meeting for the spring social and events.

              December meeting- take a break and resume in spring.