David Rooney, (he/him/his)

Secretary (CDA), Access Consultant, Student Disability Services

Student Disability Services introduced me to CDA when starting my position in early 2020 and I immediately joined. Listening and partnering with the UI Disability & Accessibility communities remains an essential aspect to how we best serve. Family members taught me how to support others with challenges and accept help from them too.  They inspired me to change careers, beginning with a master’s program at DePaul University, where I learned more about accommodations and self-advocacy. I loved my experiences working with new people then, much like what I have experienced here, with CDA.

Three facts:

  1. My six brothers and one sister each reside in different cities, including one overseas.
  2. I kept my real name when DJ’ing.  Easy enough-- since those are my first two initials.
  3. My all-time favorite sportscaster is Vin Scully (Los Angeles Dodgers, 1950 - 2016).

“Good is not good when better is expected.” – Vin Scully


Research areas
  • Self-advocacy, long-term housing solutions for persons with disabilities
Portrait of David Rooney against a gray background
Master of Non-Profit Management, Depaul University
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Media Arts, University of Arizona