Megan Meyer, MBA (she/her/hers)

Assistant Director of Career Enhancement and Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center,
"Two Rare Mama Bears" Podcast CoHost

Two Rare Mama Bears Podcast

I have been a member of CDA since 2020 and have enjoyed providing my background to facilitate greater disability awareness on the University of Iowa campus. As a person who identifies with an acquired hearing loss disability, has an auditory implant, and wears a hearing aid – I can identify with folks on campus who seek accommodations for their disability in order to participate. I am also a parent of a medically complex child with a physical disability who utilizes a wheelchair for her mobility. In her patient community, I have become very involved and connected, where I participate in legislative advocacy efforts at a national level and co-host a podcast, Two Rare Mama Bears, where we talk all things disability and rare disease.  

I am passionate about accessibility and universal design – and look forward to efforts of CDA to educate on and eliminate barriers for persons with disabilities.